Posted by: Chris | March 6, 2010

Inspiration #1

Today, I’m going for my first open entry.

meaning: no random babbling, no inner dialogues, nothing about what I fail miserably at showing and expressing to other people in spoken form, no shameless self-plugs and no to-do-lists.
Instead, I would like to share a few shots I favorited over at deviantART that keep my creativity and imagination flowing.


I. Road Trip by mightyflup

road trip by mightyflup

Speed. A road; blurred and fading into nowhere, converging to the horizon line and never reaching the sphere of the unearthly, somewhat radioactive color that is the sky. Visualized energy is cutting through the eery, lucid atmosphere, evoking a sense of suffocation as the car is speeding away from a subliminal menace towards an unknown destination.

This is a truly well-balanced shot that illustrates the constant and merciless flowing of time, juxtaposing the opposites of statics and dynamics in a stunning light and dark contrast.


II. I like what you say by audeladesombres


III. NY Window 9 by shannonshots

Often, I find myself getting absorbed in photos of backyards. The idea of potentially each window offering a pathway into another space, the limits of which are determined solely by individual living inside, fascinates me – and I keep wondering who they are, these little, unique Gods in their sanctuaries; what they do and how they manage their own microcosmoses. [btw: note that the ancient Greek term ναός (naos) refers not only to simple housings as such but also to the room accommodating the statue of the worshipped deity in a temple.]

Perfect stuff to fantasize about, especially if there are some details to be made out, like objects on the sills or curtains or drapes that are hanging from the windows.


Cheers. So much for now. :)


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