Posted by: Chris | March 9, 2010

I can feel it in the air

I love Spring.

Not to say I’d pick it over the other seasons. In fact, if asked which one I like best I probably wouldn’t be able to come up with a final answer.

I was born on a hot day in July, on which, as I was told, hot sunshine and a heavy summer rain kept taking turns. Consequently, I was bound to have a predisposition to liking Summer, haha. But really, who doesn’t like spending time outside with nature presenting herself in full bloom! I often think back at the wonderful two weeks I spent in San Francisco and Monterey with my aunt and uncle in 2003. Despite of it being seven years I can remember all of it as if it was just yesterday. Can’t wait to go there again, but hey, I won’t be too far away once I get settled in LA (GAH, I’m still waiting for the on-campus housing application to be accessible btw). However, I think you can really tell how the brightness and warmth of the sun affect and energize people, adding to them becoming happier and more sociable.

Cold winters make me cheerful and excited. Even more so when snow is involved. Not only does the powdery coat of silvery white embellish and ennoble the surroundings, it also reminds me of my birthplace, Moscow. I try to get there every Winter, because it’s only there where I can experience some sense of family. (Afraid it would take about 2,5 loooong blog entries to elaborate in detail so I’ll just leave it at that). I can’t think of one Winter that I spent in Moscow that was void of snow – a lot of snow. What overcomes drivers with a common sense of horror awakens the little child in me (which, in fact never slumbers too deep, hehe) and turns slippery streets and snow drifts into huge and exciting theme parks. Besides, Winter is also my personal tea season. While I would never get myself to drink apple&cinnamon or orange teas in the rare occasions I choose tea over coffee throughout the year, I can’t get enough of them in wintertime.

Fall. That’s when the autumn leaves start to fall, eh? I wouldn’t restrict it to that. Fall is a great time to visit beaches in hot places, if you’re not too keen on getting sunburned, that is. But besides, just look at the deep and rich colors that this season brings. though, of course, there is this undeniable uncertain sense of longing that washes over you as you catch yourself watching those dead leaves dance in the cool wind, wishing back the warmth of Summer or for past times to come back. It’s a time of nostalgia (and wet feet) but nevertheless, that does not make Fall less appealing to me.

Even if it doesn’t particularly feel like Spring in Germany nowadays, you can begin to sense a rebirth of life. Not only do the young plants begin to break through – which I’m usually really miserable at noticing – but the days are beginning to gradually grow longer. When I was driving home from work, passing the skyline of Frankfurt shining with thousands of lights there was this beautiful feeling of a warm tingling mixed with calmness and contentment; and it actually felt similar to what I experienced a few years ago on a Summer evening at Canary Wharf in London.

The time of long evenings out is coming, I can feel it. And this year I know I should make the most of it. For once I’m gone, I’m not likely to come back and stay in Germany anymore. :)


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