Posted by: Chris | March 15, 2010

On Oscar Wilde, little birds and orange juice – part 2

Now on to the little birds part.

Yesterday evening, I decided to register an account at Yes, that’s right, I haven’t been on twitter until, well, yesterday. To those of you who know me a little better this may seem a little strange and uncharacteristic of me. True. But frankly, I didn’t have to fight hard not to give in to the twittering trend. I simply didn’t care.

Neither do I feel the need to shout out what I do or what I think, nor am I especially keen on spying on or stalking other people. The main reason for my registering would be the prospect of observing, being up to date and getting inspiration/ideas for my writings. An experiment.

Speaking in ego shooter gamer terms, I would be ‘camping’. (and proud of it!!!!!111oneeleven.)

I mean, look at the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle! Nearly all of them were based on press. So why not try to benefit from the limitless potential of digital mass media for a greater good? haha.


I’m @bananastarfish, in case you wanted to look me up. Why did I choose that name when I don’t like bananas at all (and that’s a fact!)? Honestly, I don’t know. Props to Salinger though, his short story ‘A Perfect Day for Bananafish’ randomly popped up in my head as I was racking my brains for some nickname I could answer for – just in case, haha. What does a banana starfish look like? A starfish with the structure/pattern of a banana? Or some banana-like arms sticking out from a center like the spokes of a wheel? And, if edible, would it taste like banana or like salt? I guess, the answer to all that would simply be 42. Just don’t expect me to twitter at all. ;)

When I talked to a friend two days ago, he mentioned that having ten followers in spite of being not particularly active was nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that – but I do now. I haven’t even shouted out one sentence and yet I’m already speaking to an audience of four people. Strange. Makes me feel somewhat powerful…. not.
Funny concept. Funny people.

And I’m out. Bed is calling.

What about the orange juice? I dunno. Sounded literary enough to make it to the headline of this post.

… what a terrible load of rambling.



  1. l0l :)

    first active facebook user, now passive twitter pesonae.

    What will come next?

    • We shall see.
      God moves in mysterious ways, lol :)

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