Posted by: Chris | March 23, 2010


Finally, the Russian coke imitation ‘Wostok’ has reached the German market.

Sounds like I had been waiting for that, right?

In our today’s local news program we had a segment about a lemonade drink which had been popular in Soviet times, but, in  fact, had more or less disappeared from the Russian market since the fall of the Berlin wall and the associated tentative attempts to establish some import/export business. The drink, ‘Wostok’, however, introduced as a coke imitation, tasted more like a non-alcoholic, spicy kvas than something even remotely close to coke. I don’t even recall when I last had a Russian lemonade; it really must have been ages for that matter. This new stuff tasted oddly familiar though. It tasted like home, in a detached, nostalgic way. :)

However, in the editorial, there wasn’t even one person beside me who thought it was even vaguely drinkable. Our moderator even thought it tasted like cough syrup or bubbly bathe oil! :)

What a sensitive palates Germans must have, haha! What’s wrong with a little black tea, spruce oil and cardamon? – According to the manufacturer, those are the main ingredients. I wonder if they brought ‘Wostok’ back to Russia, too. The next time I’m Moscow, I will definitely be looking out for it.



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