About me

welcome to my personal scrapbook

I’m blogging daily, bantering randomly or not-so-randomly about what’s on my mind. A few posts will be open to the public, but most won’t (for reasons of privacy, obviously).

Since you are most likely to have found this blog through my facebook or deviantART profile you should probably already know a little about me. In case you don’t, here are a few basic facts about me:

  • Born in Moscow to a Russian mother and a Belgian father but still I consider myself full Russian (and yes, I can force a khart Rahshen accent, hehe)

  • Underwent the German education system, currently studying at the university of Frankfurt but applying to transfer to UCLA

  • Interested in audiovisual media, technology, sports, culture, history and socializing

  • Addicted to caffeine.

So much for now. Any questions? ;)



  1. would really like it if you saw my blog..


  2. i thought its Mrs Brad pitt in the picture, that’s why the posts are password protected then i read above about me. it’s ok you look nice. no further questions for the time being :-)

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